Richard's pet Pinkle™ has come down with a terrible case of Pinklepox™! Now they must find a cure before getting anyone else sick.

This game was made for PB Game Jam 5 (themes "out of reach" and "redo"). I hope you enjoy it.

Pinkle™, Pinkles™, and Pinklepox™ are trademarks of the Levi Johnston Company.

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Install instructions

Once the zip file of your platform is downloaded, extract it. The PC game file is labeled Pinklepox.exe, but I don't know about the Mac one.


Download 85 MB
Download 68 MB


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The game run a little bit bad, the frames drop and the music laggs in moments, but Its a pretty funny idea good work :D

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Yeah. Sorry about the lags. The downloadable versions shouldn't have those problems.

Thank you for your feedback.