Harry's mother, Mandy, is worried when she sees her son on the news. Along comes a cute little Pinkle™ who agrees to help Mandy if Mandy will help her. What will Mandy meet along the way? There are two different endings.

This game was made for Untitled Game Jam #29 (theme "Transformation"). This is how it was ranked:

  • Audio: #14
  • Visuals: #14
  • Creativity: #19
  • Gameplay Enjoyment: #20
  • Use of Theme: #23
  • Overall Enjoyment: #26

Overall Ranking: #20

Want to learn more about Pinkles™? Watch my Pinkle™ playlist on YouTube!

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Pinkle™ and Pinkles™ are trademarks of the Levi Johnston Company.

Install instructions

Once the zip file of your platform is downloaded, extract it. The PC game file is labeled MagicMandy_Pinkles.exe, but I don't know about the Mac one.


MagicMandy_Pinkles-1.0-pc.zip 60 MB
MagicMandy_Pinkles-1.0-mac.zip 43 MB

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