After viewing a timeless Sunday night classic that I've never seen before, Katana decides to become a dentist and must face the challenge of fighting a monster... toothache! But she promised today to be her day off. Should she keep her important promise or save the city? The choice is yours.

This visual novel is based on a dream that I once had not too long ago.

⠀⠀Eileen as Katana
⠀⠀Lucy as Dr. Harper
⠀⠀Sylvie as Natasha
⠀⠀The Monster as himself

Note: The music in the browser version is a bit laggy, so downloading is recommended.

This is my first time using Ren'Py. I decided to use free music from the Unity Asset Store in my project.

Please let me know if you would like me to provide the Android version of this game. Not available for iOS.

Install instructions

Once you have downloaded the file labeled, extract the included folder. The game file, labeled Dentist_Days.exe, will be in that folder.


Download 55 MB

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